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Back To Basics


Our Back To Basics  Series    was   created    to   give    you    the    skills,  knowledge  and  tools  to  create   greater   personal  empowerment  in  your  life.     The skills   learned     are   some   of    the  most    effective     tools    of    advanced    human  change    technology    ever developed.      I  sincerely   believe   that   you   will  not  only   integrate   and   utilize   these  tools, but  you  will incorporate them into all facets of your life.


Learning  the  secrets   into the mysteries of you will  enhance your  perceptions  and  increase your  appreciation for life.   Bringing   your  life  into  balance  will   assist   you  in  making   healthy  choices that   enhance  your  life   experiences.     Taking    control   of   Your  Life,   Your  Health  and  Your Emotions will move you forward  to the next level.

  • Personal Growth Series

  • Holistic Health Series

  • Spiritual Growth Series



For    some    of   you   this   is   just   the    beginning    in   your   Life   Path   Journey   of Transformation.    For  those who    are  on   the  path  of   transformation  already,   this series  will  allow  you to  maximize your potential.    The experience  will  be different  for everyone,  enjoy the journey.   


The possibilities are limitless!            Please explore all your options!            We Are Here To Assist You!


Private/Group Coaching

Seminars & Workshops

Expos & Fairs

Personal Growth Series

  • Re-Creating YourLife

  • Aura Chakra Imaging

  • The Power Of Choice

Holistic Health Series

  • Quantum Healing

  • Seasonal Detox

  • Multi-Dimensional              Vibrational Healing

Spiritual Growth Series

  • DNA Activations

  • Aura Chara Imaging

  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides

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