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Center For Well Being  specializies in  assisting   you to    maximize    your  potential    by  empowering    you   with   self-help,    personal  growth tools  and  techniques.  Allowing  you to   reach your  own   higher   truths    and  wisdoms   while  traveling on   your  life  path journey  of  self-discovery and transformation.  We   have   many    years  of    experience    and    training    in    Personal     Growth, Transformation and Vibrational Healing.  We have  assisted  thousands of  people   in   private   sessions,  group sessions,   seminars   and expos across the country.


Our unique style  is  informative, supportive, inspiring  and easy  to understand.   The innovative  processes used  takes  intellectual concepts to a deeper level.  Feelings become  supportive  ideas  and the  experience  truly becomes a  personal one  as  you experience stepping into your own Life Mastery.

Go Beyond The Possibilites...Discover Your Dreams

Live Your Best Life


Mary Delano Otis

Mary Delano Otis

LifeStyle Management Coach​

Mary offers DNA Activations which realigns and opens gateways to the higher realms expanding your awareness and accelerating your spiritual  growth, Quantum Healing   which brings  Mind, Body and Spirit together as one with sessions customized specifically for your vibrational frequency also Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Balancing and Clearing.  Get comprehensive insights into the mystery of you.  Gain  Deeper  Wisdom and  Knowledge  of  your true essence  with detailed information into your emotional and mental states, health and spiritual well being as you step into your Life Mastery.


Mary is the author of Guide To Conscious Living...Back To  Basics. She is also the creator of Quintessence Oracle Cards, a divinity deck that helps you connect with Spirit.    Mary is the facilitator of  the  Re-Creating Your Life Intensive.  She travels the country sharing her knowledge gained by many years of experience and training in Personal Growth, Transformation and Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Healing. 


It was a pleasure to have you assist me in reaching my professional and personal goals.  I was impressed in the manner in which you conducted our sessions.  You were not only professional, but your positive attitude and demeanor makes you one in a million in your field.

In conclusion, a personal thank you for everything!  A job well done to Mary Delano Otis!

Ben Salloum



The workshop was fun and informative very creative.  Awesome! 

Teresa Wager

It worked immediately, in a short period of time...Lifetime Wounds Healed!

Michaella Scott

Excellent information I will definitely use these tools for my future. 

Thank you the knowledge and fun time.

Teresa Peine

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